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It ain’t just for bbq & it ain’t just a hot sauce. It’s Redi Fredi®!
…a smoky, sweet and savory Apricot Marinade Grilling Sauce.

Who We Are & What We Do:

Just before the turn of the year 2010, as we grilled our way through that Spring and Summer, we accidentally stumbled upon and began tasting and perfecting a newly discovered family marinade/sauce with an apricot liquor, as the base. We had fun while trying a different approach to grilling chicken breasts. We didn't take it seriously, at the time and had no plans to turn it into what we know, today. After trying a few things and making subtle changes to the mix, we reached what we now consider to be the most exquisite blend and taste in a grilling sauce!

We eventually replaced our initial key ingredient (Apricot Brandy) with a family-friendly apricot preserve. We couldn't continue to dose our family members in helping after helping of alcohol! Our sauce, today, contains no alcohol, but the flavors have evolved, have become better than ever and are now "just downright irresistible."

A solid and consistent recipe was born in 2013 and we used our sauce for almost every family event!. Thoughts and talk about bottling the formula began to emerge in 2015. We had to call it something and what better name than… “Fredi,” of course! Why? It was a nickname we all used, among ourselves. At one point it seemed like every one of our family members and friends were all named Fredi.

The year 2016 marked the first significant change and that was when we realized the time had arrived to take things to this new level. What was once just a fun family sauce was now becoming "The Product" and this incredible marinade/sauce and the name Fredi were both matured and ready for prime time, hence Redi Fredi®.

Our new view and progress were quickly accompanied by thoughts of what Fredi would look like. Our mascot was drawn up near the end of 2017. Sample bottles were ordered in 2018 and the rest is history!

We invite you to give Redi Fredi® a try. You are going to love this new taste and concept. It isn't the smothering, traditional BBQ sauce, which we are die-hard fans of and it definitely isn't just another hot or spicy sauce. It is truly inexplicable until you've had a taste of it for yourself. Give it a try and tell us all about it on our social media pages.

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